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The mission of Relax Panda is to create awareness about back pain. I provide tips that will help you reduce the symptoms of back pain.

I have suffered from back pain myself, thank goodness my back pain was acute lower back pain which is minor. My back pain was more noticeable after I had a fall while running on the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire.

While I was managing my back pain, I found out that acute (minor) back can be managed or prevented through some simple lifestyle changes. There are also various back pain treatment and exercises you can do at home.

I now use Relax Panda as a medium to share various simple lifestyle changes that can be adopted to aid back pain relief.

Here on Relax Panda you’ll find back pain relief tips to help you live a healthy life.

The best place to start is on the blog where you will find interesting articles about back pain relief.

Symptoms and treatment of back pain

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